Dawn Zarnick, Owner

Call/Text: 310.749.8154

E-Mail: DLZarnick@me.com

Michelle Cooper

Call/Text: 310.938.9054

E-Mail: Mcdeterra@gmail.com


Dana Bermudez

Call/Text: 310.373.1723

E-Mail: DanaBermudez4@aol.com

Ana Cuevas

Call/Text: 310.974.2004

E-Mail: AnaCuev3@yahoo.com

Lisa Simonsen

Call/Text: 310.562.4411

E-Mail: LisaSimonsen@verizon.net

Christine Friedman

Call/Text: 310.947.2087

E-Mail: Zoect@earthlink.net

Tamara De La Cruz

Call/Text: 562.308.8821

E-Mail: TDeLaCruz0926@gmail.com

Lucy Pratt

Call/Text: 424.215.7468

E-Mail: LucyDoll@ymail.com

Claire Mitsushima

Call/Text: 310.373.0099

E-Mail: CMitsushima@yahoo.com

Jeffrey Banks

Call/Text: 310.213.4926

E-Mail: JeffreyBanks993@gmail.com

Mayuko Sawai

Call/Text: 310.984.9275

E-Mail: 223Mayuko@gmail.com

Rick Migaud

Call/Text: 310.493.1191

E-Mail: fr97305@yahoo.com

Each stylist owns and operates their own independent business.

Please contact your preferred stylist directly to make an appointment.